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Ingredients, pictures, and toxicity level! From the good,
the bad, and the disgusting we have it all. No Bias!
Cocktails! Cocktails! Cocktails! Do you need help finding the recipe to that mouth watering classic drink, or would you rather try something new and contemporary? Either case we have you covered! Browse through our many recipes to find your favourite.


Wines 101: The Language

Wine as a second language: The first step is understanding the lingo.

Grilling with Beer

Boys, its time to take grilling to the next level, the drink we all love paired with the food...

Snack Smarter

Beware of the easy-to-munch-on bar snacks that can sabotage your diet.

Drinking Games for your Stag

Party like your back in high school with these fun drinking games.

Drinking Game: Beer Poker

Drinking Game: The Game of Life

Drinking Game: The Race

Drinking Game: Bouch

Drinking Game: The Ping-Pong Ball

Who has the god dam ping pong ball! If the ball ends up in your cup, get ready to drink.

Wine Country: Canada’s Niagara Peninsula

The Niagara Peninsula’s Ice Wine is an international attraction for wine enthusiasts wor...

Caribbean Cuisine

Are you in the mood for an exotic feast tonight? Check out’s Mango salad...

Drinks you’d Never Ask a Bartender

Looking to spice things up at the bar? We dare you to ask the bartender for one of these risqué...

How to have Fun being the Designated Driver

If you’re on “DD” duties, it doesn’t mean your night is shot. Have some fun with your...

The Bar Exam

If you went out drinking responsibly with friends, would you pass the test? Get the proper...

Bachelor Party Ideas: Bartending School

Learn different drink recipes and get the chance to taste what you’ve learned.

Wine Country: Chile

Highly acclaimed for its delicate wine and spirits

Wine Country: South Africa

Celebrating 350 years of winemaking

Wine Country: Argentina

Make no mistake; Argentina has one of the best climates for viticulture in the world

Ontario Wines - Fabulous Finds under $15.00!

Five great wines of incredible value you can find right here in our own backyard.

Wine Country: China

Many believe that this country will be the world's next superpower, but will it be one in the...

Tuscan Baguette

A delicious hors d'oeurve that will be a hit at your party!

Herb and Cheese Mini Quiches

Check out the mini hors d'oeuvre with big flavour!

Wedding Bubbly

With so many sparkling wines in the market, how do you choose the right one for your weddi...

Bar Tricks 101

Here are some bar tricks to go along with some of the drinks from our La Bodega section

Wine Country: Canada's Niagara Peninsula

Find out why Niagara Peninsula is putting Canada on the map of the winemaking world.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Delectable bite-size delights

Wine Country: Spain

A country on the rise in the wine making world

Cooking With Wine

Some things you need to know about using wine as a cooking ingredient.

Wine Country: Italy

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Italian winemaking.

Wine Country: France

Bienvenue a la France! A country famous for its winemaking and the birthplace to some of the...

Mandarin Poppy-Seed Salad

A light, and wonderful summertime entree that we guarantee you'll love!

Strawberry JELL-O Pie

A great seasonal dessert!

Rich's Pears

You'll impress your friends with this elegant but simple to make dessert/hors d'oeuvre

Cake A La Ceda

Incredibly simple yet tastes so good!

Bolognese Pasta Sauce

Total time: max 3hour

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking time: 2-3 hours
Cost: Reasonable

Portuguese Shrimps

Total time: max 1.5 hour

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hours


Bartending techniques 101

BEER 101

-Abbey Ale Terminology

BEER 101

-Trappist Ale Terminology

Top 5 Drink Picks For 2008

-It's arrived! Our first annual Top 5 drinks for the year


-A slight twist on a gourmet favourite