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Bar Tricks 101

Here are some bar tricks to go along with some of the drinks from our La Bodega section’s La Bodega has some great bar tricks to compliment the drinks you have at yourt party.


What You Need:
- 2 Shot Glasses
- Whiskey
- Water
- A plastic card (driver’s license, credit card)
- A victim

Fill one shot glass to the top with water. Fill the other shot glass to the top with whiskey.

Bet someone that you can put the whiskey in the water glass and the water in the whiskey glass.

- Without using a third glass
- Without using your mouth or a straw

Take your plastic card (driver’s license etc.) place it on top of the water glass. Flip the water glass upside down and place the water glass and the plastic card on top of the whiskey glass. Be sure that the water glass is on top, then the plastic card, then the whiskey glass.

Pull the card slowly to create space near the rim of the glasses so that there is space for the liquids to meet. Watch as the water and whiskey start to swap glasses.

How is this happening? Physics, of course! The water is heavier than whisky, so the water is forcing its way into the bottom glass. The whiskey has no other place to go but up into where the water was.

Impressed? So will your guests!

Watch a demonstration


What You Need:
- clear glass
- plastic pen
- 2 coins
- A matchstick
- A victim to watch

Stand a coin on top of a laid coin. Then balance a matchstick on top of the standing coin. Slowly cover the coins and matchstick by a clear glass.

Bet friends that you can move the matchstick inside the glass without touching the glass or slamming on the table.

Take a regular plastic pen and statically charge it by rubbing it on a piece of cloth. Slowly move then pen around the glass surface and the matchstick should move.

Watch a demonstration


What You Need:
- a matchbox
- 3 matchsticks
- Lighter

Insert a matchstick on each side of the matchbox’s opening. If the matchbox is standing and shown with its wide surface towards you, it will look like rabbit ears. Then, place the third matchstick horizontally in between the two standing matchstick. The horizontal matchstick has to be wedged in between so it won’t fall off. Now, it looks like a doorway with the head of the matchstick on one side.

Place a bet with a guest asking which side of the matchstick will light up first, the left or the right?

Most people would bet that the side with the horizontal stick’s head will light up first.

Light the horizontal matchstick in the middle. The tension from the vertical matchsticks will cause the horizontal stick to break as the centre weakens. When the horizontal stick breaks, it flings away, it prevents either side from lighting up.

Watch a demonstration