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Wine Country: France

Bienvenue a la France! A country famous for its winemaking and the birthplace to some of the most expensive wines in the world.

Welcome to France – the world’s largest wine-producing country in the world. France produces seven to eight billion bottles in an ordinary year. French wine is arguably one of the best in the world. So sit back, open a French Pinot Noir and as the French would say, "apprecier" and read on.

France’s influence in the winemaking world has been strong due to its rich history and fine winemaking.

France is Famous for…
Chateau Margaux 2003 ($1099 for 750 mL bottle)
Enjoy for less: Chateau D’Angludet Margaux 2005 ($77 for 750 mL bottle)

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti la Tache 2005 ($900 for 750 mL bottle)
Enjoy for less: Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Echezeaux 2005 ($325 for 750 mL bottle)

Chateau Haut Brion Rouge 2005 ($1445 for 750 mL bottle)
Enjoy for less: Chateau Haut Brion 1997 VEYRET LATOUR ($269 for 750 mL bottle)

Dom Perignon Brut Champagne ($220 for 750 mL bottle)
Enjoy for less: Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Champagne Brut 2000 ($84 for 750 mL bottle)

Some wines are synonymous with the regions they are from; for instance, Bordeaux is synonymous with most red wines, while Champagne is synonymous with sparkling wine.

Alsace: This is normally a white wine region and is situated near the river Rhine.

Bordeaux: A region occupying the Atlantic coast, this large area produces wines that are benchmarks with other wines today.

Champagne: This is one of the coldest regions in all of France and is world-famous for their sparkling wine.

Corsica: An island located in the Mediterranean that consumes the majority of its own wine; their rose and white wines are too delicious to give away.

Jura:  Close to Switzerland, this small region produces its wine with its own unique style; Jura's typical cool climate forces winemakers to compensate for the low sugar levels of their grapes.

Languedoc-Rousillion: This region has the largest vineyard surface and produces a large portion of France’s cheap wine.

Loire Valley: Majority of the wine that is produced in this area is white-wine.

Provence: A region famous for its rose wines; it produces full-bodied and expressive fine wines that are also fresh and fruity.

Rhone Valley: Bulk of this region’s production is red-wine and competes with Bordeaux for producing some of the most powerful red wines.

Savoie: This is primarily a white-wine region.

Note: Prices are from LCBO

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