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The Bar Exam

If you went out drinking responsibly with friends, would you pass the test? Get the proper bar manners from experts.

It’s simple, really. There’s a certain way a dude needs to conduct himself when they’re out drinking with buddies – welcome to the “Brotherhood of the Drinkers”. Here are some helpful tips and pointers on how to get drunk the proper way.  

Alternately pay for rounds. You’re not a girl, so don’t expect everyone to pay for your drinks.  

Tip the bartender/waiter. If you don’t, someone else might pay for the tip – that doesn’t look good on you.  

Don’t bark at the bartender or waiter. Sure, a bar is a casual and loud place, but you’re still dealing with people.  

If everyone is drinking a particular brand you don’t like, man-up and drink anyways. It’s about having a good time with your boys. Next round is on you – pick your brand.  

You don’t always have to pay for the ladies’ tab – they can afford their own.  

Don’t drink to the point where you can’t walk and talk. You’ll be the kill joy of the night. Besides, you won’t have fun the next morning.  

Don’t try and pick-up or gain the attention of another guy’s girl, especially when it’s clear the guy is with her. This is called Man Respect.  

If you spill someone’s beer, replace it.  

Don’t start fights over little things, like someone stepping on your shoe.   Never get in the way of another guy trying to talk to a girl.  

When you break the seal (your first pit stop to the washroom) make sure you don’t talk or look to anyone in the urinals (one word max, if any).  

Make sure you keep a one urinal space if possible. The corners are the best.  

Don’t be a close talker. A lot of tipsy or plastered guys tend to talk within your personal space (not to mention spitting on your face) while talking about life’s mysteries and other deep conversations.  

Don’t drink and drive.   Don’t give the designated driver a hard time. It’s hard enough the DD can’t enjoy the night with alcohol. The least you could do is keep a good running conversation with the poor guy.  

The Birthday boy/girl should spend the least but get drunk the most.  

Bouncers are your friends. They are there to protect you, and besides, thery’re probably two times your size, so play nice.  

Make sure you involve the DD in activities everyone can enjoy.
Good: Pool, dancing, picking up the opposite sex, conversations
Bad: Beer Pong, Shots, Drinking Games    


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