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Cake A La Ceda

Incredibly simple yet tastes so good!

Serving Size: 15
Preparation time: 30min (must sit in fridge for many hours to set)
Cooking time: N/A
Cost: in-expensive
ManoMeter - Difficulty:  easy

2cans of crushed pineapple (drained)
1cup of butter
4 egg yolks
2 cans of small Nestle cream
2-3 pkgs of Lady Fingers
1tsp of vanilla
Cream of tartar
Powdered sugar to taste


1. Soften butter until creamy
2. Use 4 eggs but the yolk must be separated from egg whites.
3. Pour sugar continuously beating the butter, egg yolk, one at a time
4. Pour in Nestle cream then the pineapple and vanilla and set aside.
5. Beat egg whites and put cream of tartar. Beat until stiff.
6. Mix egg whites with the pineapple mixture
7. Put in mold lined with wax paper with Lady Fingers, which is arranged around, under, and between mixture.
8. Refrigerate until the cake sets firmly

Remove from fridge, flip cake onto a cake-plate, and serve immediately. Keep chilled for best results.

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