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How to have Fun being the Designated Driver

If you’re on “DD” duties, it doesn’t mean your night is shot. Have some fun with your buds and make the night a memorable one, for you at least.

Tonight’s the big night, you and your friends are hitting the bar to watch the big game, but it’s your turn to DD! Here are some fun tips to help you get through the night.


Party with all the Drunken People

Just act like you're drunk! It will be fun to see if any of the intoxicated people pick up on your soberness. Drink cranberry/7-up or Red bull and psych yourself into feeling like you're having a couple drinks. Let loose and have fun.


Talk to the Lovely Ladies

While all of your friends are drunk and can't form words into sentences, you can prove your maturity to the girls by showing them you have restraint and control.


Mess With Your Friends

- Dare your friends to do things you know they wouldn’t normally do if they were sober. (Obviously nothing that will cause injury, or even worse, get them arrested.)


- Constantly tell your friends you need $10 for gas and see how much you rack up by the end of the night.


- Stick 10 dollars (that you probably got from your friends) in the juke box and select the same song to play over and over. The key is to pick a song everyone likes the first time, but can't stand after the tenth time. May I suggest anything by Prince, Eminem or Queen?


- On your way home, drop the most intoxicated person off at the wrong house. It will be funny to see their reaction when; Athey realize it’s not their house or, B – whoever lives there comes out.


The designated driver is a very important part of any night out. Doing this for your friends not only shows you respect and care for them, but you care for yourself too. Remember there are always alternatives to the DD, you can take public transit, a taxi or walk, but please always drive sober and never get into a car with someone who has been drinking.


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