Anita & Steven Anita was proposed to five times in one night!
 Anita shares her story of how Steven proposed …

"Steven and I have done a fair amount of travelling since we started dating three and a half years ago.We usually plan our travel together, but this time he had taken the initiative to plan a surprise trip for us to Niagara on the Lake over the weekend, in mid-February 2010. As soon as we arrived, Steven had taken me to my very first nail manicure treatment at the hotel spa.It was so nice of him to be there with me while I was getting pampered!

After my spa session, we settled into our room at the Shaw Club.The deluxe room was an absolute surprise! The décor was so beautiful and the room was so comfortable.Not to mention, the furnace was perfect for keeping us warm during the cold wintery weather!
Since Steven takes up photography as a hobby, he naturally suggested walking around town to take some photos together.We had lots of fun taking photos around the area and it was nice to stop for some fudge as well.

Soon enough, I was feeling pretty tired, so we headed back to the hotel to rest and freshen up. Steven had reserved a romantic dinner for us at the Charles Inn. The restaurant was cozy and intimate and the food was exquisite! It was truly one of the nicest meals we have ever had together. As we left the restaurant, I was concentrating on not letting my stiletto heels sink into the damp mud on the outside pathway. All of a sudden, Steven interrupted my thoughts by taking my hand to lead me to the porch right outside the Inn. The porch was lit just bright enough for me to see that he was getting down on one knee to propose!After I had said, “Yes!” he suggested we re-enact the proposal so we could capture it on camera. We ended up going back and forth, taking 5 shots to get the perfect one! Even though the picture didn’t capture the actual proposal, it was great to be proposed to 5 times!"

Photography: One² Photography