Elizabeth & Mat A cartoon proposal made by him.

My fiancé Mat and I have been together for almost 7 years now. When the time came for him to propose, he decided he would do something a little more casual. He knew I didn’t want anything over the top. Unbeknownst to me, he decided to incorporate the proposal into our pre-planned movie night at home.

We had rented a horror movie, and both settled in on the couch. But the preview played, something strange happened. A black screen with white letters that spelled out “Love Letters” appeared. I found it very strange but continued to watch.

To my amazement, a cartoon character which resembled my fiancé Mat, appeared on the screen. He sat at a desk, attempting to write a love letter. He began his introduction with verses like, “You are so beautiful because…” and “You light up my life”, After truggling through many attempts, the cartoon character crumples up the papers and throws them behind him. Exasperated, he gives up and puts his head down on the table. All along, I’m asking myself, “what is this!?”

As I continued to watch attentively, I noticed the floor behind the cartoon version of Mat was filled with all the crumpled letters that spelled out, “Will You Marry Me?” Clueless, I turned to Mat and asked, “Who is he proposing to?” The cartoon character then inched closer to the television screen, as if he was looking into our living room, tapped the screen and said, “This is where you give her the ring.” Puzzled, I looked over at Mat.