Meghann & Jonathan They found each other in their early teens only to be united almost a decade later.

Meghann and Jonathan met July of 2001 volunteering at Camp Kodiak, a summer camp for children and teens with disabilities; Jonathan was 16 and Meghann was 13. After three weeks of friendship, they went their seperate ways, losing touch until June 2007 when they both went back to Camp Kodiak to work for the summer. It was love at first sight (again).

On a memorable 22nd day in June, they were officially a couple and were inseparable for the rest of Camp. After camp, Jonathan and Meghann spent 9 months travelling from Whitby to Waterloo and back (two hours each way) in order to keep their relationship alive. On Valentine’s Day in 2008, Jonathan gave Meghann a promise ring. Then, a little under their first full year as a couple, they bought their first apartment together. Over their two-and-a-half-year relationship, they travelled, went to events, and had many celebrations together.

On Christmas Morning 2009, Jonathan put together a scavenger hunt sending Meghann to look for presents for her family all over her parents’ house. On the fifth and final clue, there were two final presents. One for Meghann, and one for Jonathan. Meghann opened hers first, it was a Cinderella's carriage ornament. When Meghann turned to Jonathan to see what he got he was already down on one knee asking Meghann to marry him. Of course she said YES! The entire proposal was caught on video.