Andrea & Scott Andrea tells her story of how Scott proposed to her

“Our romantic proposal story incorporates some of my favourite things: a love for our beautiful country and the love of my life! It began with a puzzle box containing a piece of paper informing me that I would be going on an adventure that day.

My first stop was ocean-side Whytecliff Park at Horseshoe Bay, BC. A friend met me there giving the first of a series of clues and puzzle pieces that. The first clues led me to meeting my best friend at my favourite restaurant along the Pacific Ocean.

Next stop: Tim Hortons (a Canadian signature!) to bribe a friend with an Iced Capp. Another friend's home followed where I was serenaded in a rendition of the game Cranium and then on to Campbell Valley Park where I would see a man (I knew) in a cowboy hat and boots!

This cowboy took me on an exhilarating horseback ride through the park to find the next clue. It was a gorgeous day and I could see all the mountains, including snow-capped Golden Ears. So thankful to live in our breathtaking country!

A couple of clues later, I was led to Derby Reach park along the Fraser River, where Scott had asked me to be his girlfriend two years before. Scott was sitting on a blanket (the same one we had sat on when he asked me out), with a bouquet of red roses and rose petals spread all around. He pulled out the final clue holding the remaining puzzle pieces.

As I put them together, it completed a picture we had taken at that very park and spelled out "Will you marry me?" I turned around to find Scott on one knee. He proposed!”