Wedding Flowers - Finding a Florist

Choosing the flowers can be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding. Find out more here about some important practical considerations.

Before beginning the task of looking for a florist, read on to find out more about how the flowers can enhance the occasion, what percentage of the total budget should be spent on them, how to get started and a few things to watch out for when visiting potential florists.

What Flowers Can Bring to a Wedding

By definition, a wedding is a celebration of the union of two kindred spirits, and it goes without saying that celebrations require decoration. Flowers can breathe life into any special occasion. They can be used to reflect the personal style of both bride and groom, to symbolize the nature of the relationship and the shared hopes and expectations of the happy couple, to provide a topic of interest for guests and quite simply to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the day. They can evoke vivid recollections of times past and help build the foundation upon which future shared memories will be formed.

How Much to Spend on Wedding Flowers

Experts at the wedding planning website, The Wedding Garden, recommend that between 5 and 15% of the total wedding budget be spent on the flowers. The exact percentage will ultimately depend on the priorities of the individual. Set the budget as early on as possible, so that it is clear what funds are available to work within the lead up to the big day.

Finding the Right Florist for the Wedding

It is important to find the right choice of florist for the big day to ensure that expectations are met and disappointment avoided, so if time allows trying to visit at least three before making a final decision. Of course, this can be very time consuming so if instincts scream out to go with a particular florist and all the credentials have been explored, then just go for it!

Useful resources for finding a florist in the area include telephone directories, online directories such as the one listed in the resources below, bridal magazines and maybe best of all, friends and family. A personal recommendation can be a great comfort when there is a lot to choose from. Also, be sure to ask the people at the venue for any florists that they regularly work with. Bridal fairs provide fabulous opportunity to make contacts and gather inspiration but are prepared to tackle any persuasive and persistent vendors and do not feel pressurized to rush into anything.

Visit the Wedding Florist Before Booking

Visiting the florist’s workspace is an excellent way to find out if they’re the one. The right florist should:

  • Have previous wedding experience.
  • Be able to show you a portfolio of their work.
  • Ensure you that they will be there on the day, setting up the arrangements and making sure that everything is in order.
  • Have a backup plan for if the flowers don’t arrive in time for the wedding day.
  • Maintain a clean and productive working space.
  • Be open about all additional costs.
  • Demonstrate style that suits the taste of the bride and groom.
  • Be available on the day!

Once, the florist has been chosen the working relationship can begin. Prepare a few questions prior to any meetings to get the most out of any time spent together…..and enjoy the process, as it will only be happening once!

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