How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Four Steps to that Dream Bridal Gown

Turn that wedding dress fantasy into a real-life dream dress! There’s no reason to settle for something second-rate, no matter what the budget!

Not just any beautiful dress will do - only the ones with “wow” factors need to apply when it comes to walking down the aisle. All eyes should be glued on the dress that has the bride’s name on it - the perfect fit. And it can happen, regardless of taste, style or even budget. Read on!

Research the Options

Vera Wang, Lazaro or Priscilla of Boston? Halter, strapless or sweetheart? A-line, ballgown or mermaid? This is the most important dress most girls will ever wear so it’s important the bride knows what she wants before hitting the bridal salon. It’ll make for less frustration and the opportunity to see more dresses that are absolutely to die for!

Figure out the Dress Budget

Dresses can range anywhere from $100 to $10,000. Some are even more expensive! So before hitting that bridal salon, make sure that their price range matches the wedding budget. There’s nothing worse than trying on that perfect dress and then realizing that it costs three times more than expected. And make sure the bridal consultant is aware of the budget. Usually, alterations and extras (veil, shoes, undergarments) can push the price up even higher, so it’s worth it to keep that in mind as well.

It might seem fun to play dress up, but saying no to that dream dress is anything but. And after that, nothing can compare and those bridal gown fantasies that were there may end up going down the drain. Or, if that out-of-price-range dress is splurged on, the stress on bride and groom, or Mom and Dad could cause lasting friction.

A Bride Knows When It’s “The Dress”

Know when to stop. Just like when the bride knows the groom is “the one,” she doesn’t need to try on every guy in the world before coming to a decision. Trying on too many dresses will only lead to confusion and frustration.

This is why that initial research step, and knowing off the bat what to look for can really come in handy. In addition, bring a limited support group with to avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen. And regardless of opinions, the bride should always choose the dress she feels best in. When the bride has found the perfect dress, say “I do!” There won’t be any regrets. Promise.

Be the Most Gorgeous Girl in the Room

This step is the easiest! Once a bride is decked out from head to toe, all she’ll hear are the oohs and aahs of her guests and onlookers. Revel at this moment and enjoy! And most of all – congratulations!

Most wedding gowns can’t be returned, but with these easy to follow steps, that won’t be an issue. Way to be a smart bride! Now that the perfect dress is within reach, it’s time to look forward to that special day that just belongs to lovers – and the honeymoon that follows of course!

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