About The Ring Bearer


Planning a wedding can be a daunting task for any bride and groom, The Ring Bearer.ca is here to help.  The Ring Bearer is a free online wedding magazine and community (www.theringbearer.ca) offering brides, grooms, their guests and vendors everything wedding related within a dynamic website environment. Anyone can join The Ring Bearer.ca*, even if you are not getting married. Your membership can evolve from an initial basic member to a guest of a wedding, to a wedding couple, all by simply updating your personal information within The Ring Bearer.ca environment.      
This environment is designed to be a social channel for a bride and groom to communicate with their guests and vendors within an easy to use the platform. Through the use of The Ring Bearer.ca’s interactive and dynamic tools, brides and grooms have the ability to plan, track and update every facet of their wedding up until their big day. This includes creating a personal website where the bride and groom can post updates, pictures and stories for their guests’ to reference from any computer at any time!**     
The Ring Bearer.ca is also a young and eclectic wedding magazine in a unique online setting. We offer Ring Bearer members unlimited access to content that is happening now within the bridal industry and pop culture. Whether it is reporting on the latest designer wedding gowns, the newest wedding trends or even how to make the newest cocktails you can count on The Ring Bearer.ca to be there to inform you. The Ring Bearer.ca is the ideal spot for today’s trendiest couples.     
We encourage couples from any generation to take an active part in evolving with this community. The Ring Bearer’s primary goal is to unite fellow brides, grooms, and guests to share in their personal wedding experiences.         


The Ring Bearer.ca is a young and innovative Internet-based wedding magazine with a focus on making the whole wedding planning process slightly easier and considerably more entertaining along the way.
Our staff is composed of a team of talented and creative individuals, each with their own expertise, cultural identity, and unique ideas to bring to the table.  We are eager to work with you, to grow with you, and most importantly, to build a lasting relationship with you.  Our primary goal is to establish a partnership with our members and vendors to create a strong and widespread Canadian wedding community.