Wedding Dress Bra and Lingerie

Bra, Bridal Corset, and Undergarments Make or Break the Perfect Dress

The perfect gown is only as impeccable as the bride’s bra and other undergarments. A wedding corset, bra or underwear are a vital part of the look of the wedding dress.

The bride who’s found the perfect dress, shoes, and veil still needs one more thing to complete her ensemble – the perfect wedding undergarments. Finding the right wedding dress bra, a slimming corset, or panties with an invisible line can make the difference between a glittering success on the big day or an outfit that didn’t quite work.

Lingerie Will Make or Break the Perfect Wedding Dress

Although no one except the bride and groom is even going to see it, bridal lingerie can go a long way to either help or hinder the look of a beautiful dress. There’s nothing worse than visible panty lines to spoil a look or an ill-fitting bra to ruin the bride’s enjoyment of the big day, so finding the right bra, panties, and corset to go under the wedding gown are of paramount importance to any bride.

There’s another reason to take time and spend a fair bit of money on finding beautiful wedding undergarments: to enjoy them on the wedding night.

Finding the Best Wedding Dress Bra

The most important undergarment for any outfit – but especially under a wedding dress – is a properly fitted, supportive bra. The wedding bra not only determines the bride’s comfort, but it also affects her shape and posture in her dress. The right bra can take off ten pounds as well as improve the bride’s posture and comfort level on her big day.

The trick to choosing a bra is finding the right one for the right dress:

  • Strapless Bras for strapless or off-the-shoulder gowns
  • Backless Bras for backless or low backed dresses
  • Halter Bras for dresses with an open back but that have a strap that drapes around the neck (halter top dresses)
  • “U” or “V” Bras that offer support without showing in the cleavage of a low-cut neckline

A corset can fill the role of a bra as well as slimming a woman’s figure. A wedding corset is a dramatic fashion choice that offers support and a beautiful silhouette under even a modest or simple wedding dress.

Preparing the Wedding Dress Bra or Corset

The first and most important step in choosing a bra is making sure that it is sized correctly. Most well-endowed women are accustomed to wearing a bra with a too-large band size and cups that are too small, making for a sloppy and uncomfortable fit. This can easily be remedied by having bust measurements taken at a quality lingerie store.

Once the bra, panties, and/or corset have been chosen, it’s important to take them with to every dress fitting to ensure that the gown is adjusted to fit the bride’s figure with the wedding undergarments she’ll be wearing on the big day.

Finally, make sure to wash and wear the wedding lingerie at least one or twice, for comfort, so that there’ll be no surprises at the church or during the reception.