5 Ways to Get Out of the Doghouse

Got into trouble with your girl? Here are things you can do to avoid sleeping on the couch longer.

Girlfriend put you in the doghouse

PeachezSeduction specialist, Peachez from Keys to the VIP, gives five tips to get on your girl's good side.

1. Surprise date night - Spend the evening having fun and reconnecting. "Show her she is your number one," says Peachez. Check out hot summer date ideas.

2. Good ol' flowers and chocolate - Nothing says 'I'm Sorry' like a nice bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate. "All women can't resist this classic act," says Peachez.

3. Simply apologize - Sometimes just acknowledging you were wrong helps. "Put the ego aside and just admit when you think you've wronged her," says Peachez. "She will forgive you."

4. Go on vacation...together - A nice getaway from the stresses of everyday life may help put things at ease. "Either a week in Hawaii or overnight in Collingwood," says Peachez. Getting away relieves stress.

5. Therapy - "Seeking professional help will display your dedication to the relationship and your willingness to make things work," says Peachez. Sometimes you need a referee to sort out what needs to be done.

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