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Become a real life wedding crasher with these tips from dating coach and seduction specialist, Peachez, the host of the comedy game show, Keys to the VIP.

Peachez from Keys to VIP gives us his tips on picking up the ladies. had a chance to catch up with Peachez, who gives his expert opinion on how to pick up girls at a wedding. From how a guy should dress to how to act in front of the family, this Q&A is a must read for both men and women.  

TRB: How should a guy dress for a wedding? We’ve heard of the peacock theory, how do guys apply this?
Peachez: First of all, smile... a lot. Add a splash of colour like a pocket square or a cool tie and one interesting piece, like unique glasses or cufflinks. Most men forget that shoes say a lot about a man, so have a nice pair on. For cologne, stick with citrus tones; they work the best for weddings. As for the “peacock theory” it has changed over the years. It started off by wearing something crazy like a cowboy hat or ski goggles out to the bar as a conversation piece, but now, dressing well is “peacocking” enough.  

TRB: Should a guy arrive to the wedding by himself or with a group?

There isn’t a specific way to show up that’s better than the other, just as long as you show up. I would personally suggest going solo because that doesn’t give you a security blanket of friends to talk with, instead it forces you to communicate with other people. Think of it as a wolf pack; if you’re in a group you can rely on each other, but if you’re alone, it forces you to go out and hunt for your food.  

TRB: Is it necessary to attend the ceremony?

Yes – If you don’t show up at the church and just arrive for the party you may be showing your cards a bit too early.Remember, being sensitive is good; getting choked up during the ceremony never hurt anyone, so put those drama classes to good use.  

TRB: How much should a guy drink at the reception?
Peachez: Not a whole lot. I would suggest two cocktails and one beer at the most. You may need some liquid courage to initiate a conversation, but don’t over drink; the body and mind need to be in top form to pull off a successful pickup. Plus, how are you going to drive her back to your place if you’re drunk?  

TRB: How does a guy get a girl’s attention?

Dance with other girls. Now by this, I do mean girls you have no intention of picking up, like the flower girl or her great aunt Edna. It won’t kill you to twirl her around once or twice and who knows, you may have just found yourself a great introduction, for instance, “You really should meet my niece, she’s about your age and single.” With the younger kids, magic tricks work best. A great idea is to perform a coin trick and give the kids the coin afterwards.  

TRB: What’s the etiquette on picking up girls in front of family?

Peachez: Always get in with the parents; converse with everyone in the room and be nice because you never know who can open a door for you. Give your target time to adjust to the surroundings; don’t attempt to pickup a girl until after the reception dinner.  

TRB: Should a guy try to be the centre of attention?
Yes – it’s great to have everyone looking at you and talking about you. Being the life of the party is a great thing; it shows how light-hearted and fun you are to be around.  

Peachez's Personal Pick-Up TipsTRB: What indications will a girl make to show she’s interested?
Peachez: Here are a few simple things guys may not pick up on that girls do when they are attracted to a guy.
- When you look up and see her, she’s looking back at you;
- After she sees you, glance away and look back in a few seconds, if she‘s pampering herself that’s a great sign she wants to look hot for you;
Watch her eyes and see if she’s checking you out;
- If she’s playing with her hair while talking to you
- Her proximity (how close she stands to you);
- If she touches you;
- If she initiates conversation about anything.  

TRB: If a guy can’t dance, how should he avoid the dance floor?
Simply put, you don’t! One of the best ways to get a girl is through the dance floor, so get out there and strut your stuff. Try taking swing or salsa lessons. Most men won’t dance because they’re too shy, so if you’re out there looking like a goof it’s a lot better than looking like a shy wall flower.   

TRB: After you get a girl’s number how long do you wait?

Unless you have plans to meet up the next day, it’s best to wait two days instead of the expected three. If the wedding was a Friday night, than call Sunday – it shows three important things, 1. You’re busy – you have a life so you couldn’t call right away, 2. You’re not clingy and needy so you didn’t have to call her right away, and 3. You’re interested so you couldn’t wait the traditional three days.  

TRB: What does every guy need in his pockets to succeed?
Peachez: Everything you should have at any given time are; ·Condoms, not only confidence booster, but you might just close with this girl. ·Mints or gum, for after dinner. ·Pen/paper or disposable napkin to take down her number. ·Card/coin/magic tricks for the kids. You don’t want to be too packed with stuff, but you need to be prepared. Keep it light and make sure you’re carrying just the essentials.

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