Female Invasion

Moving In: A close encounter of the female kind.

Moving In Together has Challenges

It's been the topic of debate for ages: Which comes first, proposing or moving in together? Moving in together is a huge step. It means changing everything about your lifestyle. It's not just about you anymore. Move over beacuse there's going to be an invasion of the female kind. has put together a humorous male viewpoint of possible “pin that bursts the bubble” scenarios that could happen once you move in, whether it be after you’re married or when you’re dating.

Bathroom crackdown
The pin - The bathroom isn’t your kingdom anymore. The throne you once claimed as a peaceful serene seat in the house isn’t just yours; your so-called throne needs to have its seat down. It doesn’t end at the toilet seat; your razor will have hairs in it that don't resemble yours.
The bubble - Someone other than you can clean the bathroom. It won’t smell like the Mexican food you had for lunch; you won't have to hold your breath because it'll now smell like potpourri and air fresheners.

New fridge finds
The pin - You think that just because you moved out of your mom’s house you don’t have to eat your vegetables? Sorry fellas, the fruits and veggies will have to stay in the fridge, but there's still room for beer in the garage!

The bubble - You don’t have to fend for yourself anymore; someone will actually cook with you or, if you’re lucky enough, for you. So what if it’s healthy? You need to eat healthy anyway; she’s only looking out for your best interest.

Bedroom noises
The pin - You know Princess Aurora from Disney’s "Sleeping Beauty"? She looks so serene and beautiful in her slumber. Well, sorry boys, you aren't marrying Princess Aurora. Don’t be alarmed if you find her in a face mask snoring louder than a wild boar.

The bubble - You want to know the best part about sleeping together under the same roof? Cuddling and the obvious answer, sex. Now, you both aren’t limited to just the bedroom, use your imagination.

TV timeout
The pin - Sharing the remote could mean less ESPN and more W Network. Don’t forget the hours spent watching her collection of chick flick movies.

The bubble - You secretly like chick flicks so you won’t mind them at all. Rifle through her DVD collection and review the great movies you’ve always wanted to own, but were too embarrassed to buy.

It could be rough in the beginning; you could start to get on each other’s nerves, but that’s all part of merging two lives into one home. The idea is to practice compromise, understanding and tolerance.
Getting used to each other’s idiosyncrasies is something that takes time because in the end, you’ll find out the very thing that annoys you, is the very thing you’ll miss the most if it’s gone.

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