5 Hot Summer Date Ideas

Summer date ideas that she’ll love you for – and ones that won’t bore you to death!

Baseball Game

With The Guys – Cheap tickets, get drunk, heckle the players, and have a heated discussion about stats and other sports stuff.  
With HerBuy better seats, stay sober/ only a few beers, take the time to explain the game and don’t argue when she’s right – the pitcher is the best player because he’s the cutest. And just think how adorable she’ll look in that cap and jersey you lent her.  

With The GuysVery competitive, try and beat the crap out of your friends.  
With HerMay I suggest Laser Quest? Less bruises, don’t just let her win because that’s no fun! Pig out on some pizza and soda and just relax.  

The Amusement Park
With The GuysHit every thrill ride and only go to the water park to look at girls in Bikinis.  
With HerMaybe skip a few rides she’s scared of (or maybe a good excuse to skip a ride your afraid of), if you have to, watch a show, go to the water park to tan (warning, keep your eyes in your head), go mini putting, play a few games and try to win her a prize.  

The Backyard
With The GuysGrab the old pig skin – break out the keg and fire up the grill!  
With HerSet the table, light some candles, cook her a nice dinner and relax with bottle of wine on the deck while watching the sun set.  

With The GuysRace to the death, spinouts, fastest time wins. Hit the bar after or a buddies house to conclude the night.  
With HerTake your time, have fun and teach her how to drive (or maybe she can teach you a thing or two), after you’re done rent a movie and go home to relax alone together.    

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