Bachelor Party Ideas: Bartending School

Learn different drink recipes and get the chance to taste what you’ve learned.

Sitting in class on a Friday night isn’t the ideal situation for anyone, but this isn’t your ordinary classroom. Instead, teachers encourage you to mingle with classmates and drink-up.  

“It’s not just for 20-year-old girls, if you have any passion for bartending or if you just want to have a good time learning, then attend a bartending session,” says Clint Pattemore, Senior Instructor for the Toronto Institute of Bartending (TIB).  

TIB has revamped its program so the atmosphere is light and fun while focusing on technique. “It’s more about quality and not necessarily knowing a thousand recipes,” Pattemore says.” It’s about being able to make any recipe properly.”  

With technique comes confidence, he says.

A typical class consists of 24 students, four volunteers instruct groups of six on how to make a cocktail in six glasses– one for each student. The class observes how the drink is mixed, and then everyone gets a chance to enjoy15 to 20 minutes of mingling while consuming their newly discovered drink recipe. About six drinks are taught per class throughout the three hour session.  

“This is my first mixology class and it’s great,” says 21-year-old Brenan Morales.”I am taking this class so I can get a job, but I am having a great time here.”  

TIB makes it easy to plan a bachelor/bachelorette party or a non-traditional engagement dinner. “We fully customize the classes according to the planner,” Pattemore says. “We have a list of drinks to make, but are always open for changes. We accommodate almost everything.”  

For a group of 15 guests, the price range for an evening of fun would cost about $1,000 or $65/person.  

BartendingSchool has all the elements of celebrating that one night of “freedom;” a fun and quirky host, a room full of friends, an education you’ll use again and again and of course, alcohol. What else can you ask for? – Bottom’s up!    


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