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In-depth with bridal fashion designer AMY KUSCHEL

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Amy Kuschel is a designer based out of San Francisco; her bridal collection offers exquisitely elegant and classic gowns in a contemporary styles.  Amy’s use of luxurious fabrics and quality craftsmanship at affordable prices, allow every bride to radiate grace and style on their wedding day. TheRingBearer.ca recently had the good fortune of interviewing Amy Kuschel as she gives us insight into her bridal collection.

TRB: How did you get started designing wedding dresses?

 Amy Kuschel: I started by designing my own wedding dress.  I had trouble finding the ideal combination of a chic silhouette, flattering fit and great quality at a reasonable price. My background in fashion and my career as a ready-to-wear designer served as the ideal foundation for launching the first Amy Kuschel Bride collection.

TRB:  What are your favorite fabrics to work with when you are creating your      beautiful wedding dresses and why?

Amy Kuschel: I’ve selected luxurious fabrics from around the world, such as impeccably designed French laces, crisp organza, soft, flowing chiffon and rich silk satin.  I enjoy working with a range of fabrics; quality is of the utmost importance.

TRB: What type of woman would wear your dresses?

Amy Kuschel: Our collection is designed to appeal to the discriminating, modern bride; she’s hip and elegant, savvy and clever.  We offer our clients a balanced combination of modern elegance and subtle sex appeal.

TRB: What recommendations do you have for brides picking a dress for their wedding day?

Amy Kuschel: There are so many considerations when choosing a gown, but it’s most important that the bride focuses on what style makes her feel beautiful and confident.  When she’s self-assured and poised the gown will be an extension of that attitude.

TRB: How far in advance would a bride need to purchase one of your elegant wedding dresses?

 Amy Kuschel: At our San Francisco flagship salon, we request a minimum of 5 months from order date to wedding date.  It’s important to us that our clients enjoy our couture process.  We try to accommodate rush orders when possible.  Our retail partners each have their own timeline preferences.

TRB: Destination weddings are very popular right now.  Is there a certain type of  gown you would recommend for brides who are traveling?  Are there any tips you would give in regards to keeping a bridal gown in great shape for the day of the big event?

Amy Kuschel: Most destination wedding brides want something high style and low fuss.  I think that our collection gives them a range of options from playful to sophisticated.  It’s always difficult to travel with a special item of clothing, let alone your wedding gown! We are more than happy to ship our gowns to our clients’ destinations so they have one less thing to worry about.

TRB:  Accessories and shoes are so important for the finishing touches to every bride’s look. With this in mind, do you have any suggestions as to what best suits the Amy Kushel line of bridal gowns and where to purchase these items?

Amy Kuschel: I find that many of our brides use accessories as a way to put their personal touch on their wedding day ensemble.  I love to see brides incorporate a vintage heirloom brooch or a high fashion shoe into their wedding day look.  Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman are great choices.

TRB: We have a section dedicated to “designers who care”, is there anything you would like to share with us about your design philosophies or practices. For example: Are there any charity events you’re involved in?

Amy Kuschel: I’m proud that our collection is made in the USA.  We produce everything in our design and production studio in San Francisco, CA.  We’re committed to providing the best product possible at a fair price to our clients and also to paying fair wages and providing a wonderful work environment to our production team.  I think that our decision not to produce our collection overseas is better for our staff, our clients and the environment.

TRB: What new trends can we expect for the upcoming wedding season from Amy Kuschel Bridal Collection?

Amy Kuschel: Of course we’ll be showcasing some fabulous new fabrics from Europe.  We’ve noticed that many brides want more than one look for their wedding day; perhaps something more modest or demure for their ceremony that can be converted to something more daring or glamorous, more reception appropriate.  We definitely want to address this trend and give our brides lots of options.

TRB:  What do you consider to be the core values of your company? Has time and experience changed these?

Amy Kuschel: Watching the company grow has been an amazing experience!  I think that a great deal of our success is due to the fact that our core-values haven’t changed.  Of course, we’re evolving and re-evaluating everyday, just like our clients.  We have always aimed to provide excellent service above all, and really listen to what our brides are saying.  As we grow, we strive to continue to provide a personalized experience to every unique bride.  We are also obsessed with quality and fit!  I’ve always believed that neither can be sacrificed.  As I said earlier, manufacturing domestically is of paramount importance to our company for a number of reasons.  I’m looking forward to a fabulous 2008; I continue to learn so much every year!

Colleen Oreskovic
Stylist/Fashion Contributor
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The Ring Bearer.ca

Amy Kuschel 2008 Collection
Astaire (English)
Astaire (French)

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