Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Girlfriend

Happy guy and his girlfriend
Valentine Gifts for Her on a Tight Budget

Learn some ideas to make this Valentine’s Day memorable and romantic for a woman. Even when adhering to a budget, the day can still be special!

Men are in need of some sympathy. Every year, they must raise the bar higher and make Valentine’s Day bigger and better than the previous year. How is this possible for a man who does not have a lot of money to spend?

Simple Present Ideas for Women, Sweet Cheap Gifts for Girlfriend

Sometimes the simplest present is the best way to say, “I love you.” The extravagant is great too, but often the little things are what count in a woman’s eyes. For example, just acknowledging the day itself and making it her day all day is a start. Men should remember Valentine’s Day is mostly for women.

Here are some romantic and cheap ways to celebrate and spoil a sweetheart all day long:

  • Buy or make pancake batter. It should not cost over $5 for a whole box of pre-made batter. Then buy heart-shaped cookie cutters. From Chef Central, one cutter costs a mere 69 cents. On Valentine’s Day morning, make a breakfast complete with heart-shaped pancakes. She’ll love the thoughtful touch!
  • Also for breakfast, buy a carton of orange juice (no pulp) and a bottle of affordable champagne. Mix both together and voila! A mimosa for a sweetheart.
  • Buy flowers. Yes, boys, flowers are the way to a woman’s heart. However, a man doesn’t have to spend a fortune on long-stemmed roses. Instead, opt for a single long-stemmed rose and put it across her empty breakfast plate or in a small vase next to the place setting.
  • Buying chocolate can be difficult. Some women are on a diet, others will eat to nauseum and then blame the man for bringing it in the house in the first place. The safest bet is to buy a sampler box of four chocolates that she can enjoy throughout the day and return to normal eating habits the next.

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So the breakfast was perfection and she’s now basking in the afterglow. But what does a man do for the rest of the day and how does he incorporate the big, grand finale present?

Plan a simple, fun and cheap activity. This activity is the big present, so put thought into it. Since in most places in February it’s cold, an indoor activity may be the best choice. For example, take the woman to a special showing of a romantic movie. Often times at independent movie houses, they show romantic classics on Valentine’s Day. Buy tickets in advance though because many other men may have this idea too! Two tickets, plus popcorn and drinks will cost around $30. For a sportier girlfriend, take her ice skating or find an indoor rock climbing wall.

For those in warmer climates, pack a picnic lunch and take a special hike - maybe one the couple has been wanting to do all year long. If the man executes the hike, he looks like he’s thoughtful and a great listener.

When a man chooses to spoil his Valentine, he doesn’t have to be a millionaire to make the day special. Plan ahead and keep with simple and budget-conscious ideas. An easy way to plan ahead your valentine’s gift is by checking Always On My Hear and their romantic presents.  As long as the woman feels spoiled and special then the day will be a success!

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