Bachelor 2011: Brad Womack Debut

Brad Womack makes his debut in ABC’s The Bachelor


Brad Womack made his debut tonight as the recycled Bachelor on ABC, jumping on the love rollercoaster for one more emotional ride, with a bouquet of red roses in hand. Will Brad Womack fall in love and find his beautiful bride this time around? Maybe. To kick off the season, Chris Harrison brought Deanna Pappas back to question Brad’s motives and if he’s “really” ready to find true love. Oh please!  She did look gorgeous. 
In the new season of the Bachelor, ABC has cast a few crazies to keep the show interesting. Since Reality Steve dished out his major Bachelor spoilers, which includes Brad Womack falling in love and handing out the final rose. In fact, Brad Womack reportedly is engaged and spent the holidays with his new fiancee’s family.  What Astrochicks can tell you is that the girl that won his heart did NOT receive the first impression rose. Based on the previews, she wins Brad Womack’s heart on the fantasy date. If you want to find out the winner, you can read all the spoilers on Reality Steve’s blog.
Brad Womack, born under the astrology star sign of Scorpio is a sexy cool dude, with major trust issues. He admits he’s a commitment phobe and has received several year of therapy to overcome his abandonment issues.  Either way, Brad seems more vulnerable and likeable this season. What will probably keep most Bachelor fans watching is all the drama these girls cause. Cat fights galore and even one chick gets a black eye. Oh yeah!
Astrochicks doesn’t expect Brad Womack and his new fiancee to get married anytime soon.  If he’s smart, he will take his time and get to know her better. Looks like a fun season. Still bummed Chris Lambton decided to pass on the opportunity. Enjoy!
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