Ashley Hebert Bachelorette Spoilers

Ashley Hebert bachelorette spoilers and who her final four are.

This season, lucky Ashley Hebert must have the best looking guys in Bachelorette history. Where did ABC find all these hot guys? Ashley must be thinking Brad Womack who, with Emily Maynard jealous that she didn't go for the Bachelorette gig instead.

In this season’s Bachelorette spoilers, Reality Steve has already let the cat out of the bag and named her final four.  You can check out the lucky Bachelors here.  What surprised Astrochicks the most, Ashley Hebert chose the least good looking guys. Interesting, maybe she really is looking for love. Personally, we think she should pick Ben Flajnik, the winery owner; he definitely has a ‘Roberto’ vibe.

Born under the sign of Aries, being chosen as the Bachelorette has been a life changing experience for Ashley. Outgoing and fun, she comes across like a perky cheerleader. The girl next door, what guy wouldn't fall in love with her? Although she's an Aries, Ashley Hebert definitely wears her heart on her sleeve, and suffers from insecurity. This season, Ashley reveals that she has "daddy issues" and her father is an alcoholic. OUCH!

A psychic by the name of Nahu, had some interesting Bachelorette predictions about our girl next door, Ashley. In his reading, he described her as follows: “Ashley Hebert is a perceptive person, that is, she can see into people. However, at times she makes her assessment of prospective Bachelors a little too quickly and jumps into relationships. However, once Ashley gets turned off by a guy, she can close down completely, making it very difficult to reach her again.” So beware Bachelor boys.

For Astrochicks, our astrology love predictions for Ashley Hebert are her love life will be complicated. Our Bachelorette has trust issues; she will fall in love, and choose a Bachelor to be her happily ever after. The only problem is he won't be as committed to her, as Ashley is to him. Oh well, we do think Ashley Hebert will have a career in entertainment; she's definitely an amazing dancer, which makes her a shoe-in for DWTS. In the romance department, we predict Ashley will find her future husband in about three years. For now, our Aries girl should just buckle up and enjoy the love rollercoaster ride while it lasts.

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