101 Things to do with your Sweetie: 60-79

60. Go to a baseball game together
61. Have a shower together
62. Decorate your bedroom
63. Wear his sweater when you get cold
64. Spray your perfume on his scarf so he thinks of you
65. Cook a difficult meal together
66. Send an e-card
67. Make love in the morning
68. Make a scrapbook
69. Cook his/her favourite dinner
70. Kiss in the rain
71. Leave a trail of rose petals to the bedroom for when he/she comes home
72. Make breakfast in bed
73. Pick strawberries in the summer
74. “No fight” sex is better than “make-up” sex
75. Do a home-renovation together
76. Be a tourist in your own city
77. Go snorkeling
78. Make love with the lights on
79. Have a special dinner catered