101 Things to do with your Sweetie: 20-39

20. Push him/her on a swing
21. Go to a jazz festival
22. Go skiing
23. Have a coffee date
24. Sing in the car … really loud
25. Take a carriage ride
26. Play a sport together
27. Watch a storm instead of TV
28. Pack him/her a lunch
29. Leave an “I love you” note on his/her pillow
30. Light candles in the bedroom
31. Go see a romantic play
32. Have a midnight snack of cookies and milk
33. Serenade her/him (you don’t have to be a good singer)
34. Kiss on top of a Ferris Wheel
35. Write down 50 reasons why you love him/her
36. Laugh together
37. Watch the clouds on a warm afternoon
38. Go sailing
39. Sleep naked together