101 Things to do with your Sweetie

When your relationship isn’t all of the bliss you expected, try one of these cute ideas to re-kindle the romance.

1. Cook for his/her family
2. Go for a bike ride together
3. Eat ice cream for dinner
4. Give him/her a back rub
5. Write your names in the sand
6. Turn off your phones for a day and relax
7. Write a poem (it doesn’t have to be emotional)
8. Work out together
9. Go star-gazing
10. Go apple-picking in the fall
11. Walk along a beach at night
12. Try to play along with old game shows
13. Bake cookies for his/her family
14. Remember your anniversary
15. Sleep in on a Saturday
16. Go horseback riding (you'll be sore the next day, but that's what massages are for!)
17. Go to an art museum (even if you just pretend to know what you’re talking about)
18. Send a sexy text message
19. Pinch his/her bum in public (discreetly of course)