Melanie & Michael Fiddling with his socks lead to their 'I Do'
Melanie and Mike were in Mexico when he proposed.   Melanie had no idea Mike was planning to do this on the trip. She had just received a job offer she planned to accept before they left. When Mike asked her to pick a special night, during their seven days in Mexico, to go out for dinner– she just assumed it was to celebrate her new job.

“I didn't think much about it - I just picked Wednesday,” she recalls.

“We went to a beautiful French restaurant on the resort and I noticed that Mike was acting a bit strange,” she says.

When they finished their meal Mike suggested they go to one of the cabanas on the beach and have some champagne.

They both had a glass of champagne in hand when Mike started to get sentimental and proposed a toast.

“If you know Mike, that rarely ever happens,” Melanie explains.

 When he said, ‘I was the love of his life’ that’s when I thought, he may propose!”

“I was getting excited,” she says.

“My excitement quickly faded at the end of the toast when I realized that he wasn't pulling out a ring.”

Melanie quickly hid her disappointment by looking away and gazing out at the ocean. When she finally looked back at Mike he was fiddling with something in his sock.

“Then I noticed it,” Melanie squeals, “a beautiful blue ring box, wrapped with a perfect white ribbon.”

“Mike opened the box and there it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen,” she says.

 “He asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes!”

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