Mahsa & John Her classic wedding was inspired by an invitation

Wedding Date:
April 9th, 2010
Photographer: Westend Studio
Ceremony/Reception: The Hazelton Manor
Florist: The Rosarium

Thinking of everyone and inspired by tradition, Mahsa and John tied the knot at the beautiful Hazelton Manor.

“It was the perfect location for us and our guests to enjoy ‘our love’ of old world architecture and it’s charm,” says Mahsa.

Mahsa and John’s wedding had a classic Victorian theme throughout.

“My décor was inspired by a wedding invitation.  I found the invitation and where I could purchase it when I was browsing,, wedding website,” Mahsa recalls.

I loved the invitation so much, I used the pattern and colour from it throughout my wedding,” she says.

Bridal Gown
Mahsa was on a very tight schedule when she picked her gown; her options were limited because of this. Luckily, after only trying on three dresses, she found the one she loved.

She had always envisioned herself in a mermaid silhouette, so it wasn’t a surprise to her when she ended up with one.

Most Memorable Moment
For Mahsa, walking down the aisle to John was her most memorable moment and then saying their vows.

“I was so nervous, my feelings were very genuine.  It was a moment of absolute truth, when in front of all our cherished guests, you bare your soul to one another by declaring your love and commitment to each other,” she says.

Wedding Advice
“Remember, perfection is in the eyes of the beholder,” Mahsa says.

“Everything may not go as planned, but the truth is, everyone who attends is there for this special occasion. They’re captivated by the love and beauty around them, rather than what might have gone wrong; according to your opinion."

“Have fun, it’s your day!”

“It only happens once and it should be the most wonderful day, regardless of the things that may have gone wrong.”