Leah & Lexton Jazzy proposal for this London, Ontario gal!
Like any other visit, when Lexton had commuted from Mississauga to London, Ontario, Leah assumed they would just be having a nice evening together.

Lexton however, had other plans for the evening. After a welcoming glass of wine on his arrival, he then whisked Leah off to an intimate dinner at a prominent local bistro. Afterwards, they headed to their favourite jazz bar for a light dessert and a bit more wine.

At around 10 p.m. the piano player announced he was dedicating the next song, “I Give to You”, in celebration of an engaged couple. As Leah looked around the room to see who it was, the bartender came to her table with a bouquet of roses and a card.

Trembling, Leah opened the card and there was a picture of Lexton kneeling in front of his house in Mississauga holding a ring in a box. There was also a heartfelt love letter from him professing his feelings the first day he laid eyes on her, and how his love had grown from that moment.  

Leah quoted the last paragraph he wrote to her, “From the very first moment I saw you I loved you, I wanted to share my life with you. I will always love you with all my heart. Thank you for asking me out on our first date over face book.”

Leah adds, “That’s totally not true - he asked me out.”

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