Cheryl & Casey A beautiful September weekend and a father's unforgettable prediction...

“It was a beautiful September weekend when Casey proposed to me,” Cheryl says.  

“We were up at Casey's parent’s cottage and we had gone fishing with Casey’s dad early that morning. Casey's dad kept saying, "this is a day you'll never forget."

“I was thinking he meant because it was so beautiful and the fish were plentiful – little did I know he knew about the upcoming proposal.”    

  Cheryl said, “We had caught quite a lot of fish by the time we came back to the cottage in the late afternoon and I was tired so I laid down for a nap before dinner.

“Casey woke me up wanting me to have a glass of wine at the top of the hill and watch the sunset with him.”  

 “This was not unusual for us to do so when I declined Casey went up anyway to start a bonfire. Not long after I decided to join him,” she says.  

“We were sipping wine talking about our future together and how we both hoped to have children sooner rather than later when Casey said, “I think there’s something we should do before we have children”. And he pulled a small box out of his pocket,” explains Cheryl.

“I was totally shocked because all along he had said how he didn’t want to get married.”  

“My initial response,” she says, “It’s huge!!!” “Then it actually hit me and the waterworks started!”  

Cheryl said “yes” to Casey and it definitely became a day they would never forget as Casey’s dad had predicted.

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Photo: Shaughnessy Photography