Debra & Michael Debra tells her story of how Michael proposed to her

Here is a little background knowledge to help you appreciate how Michael proposed to Debra; their proposal is reminiscent of the romantic classic Gone with the Wind. Rhett Butler is the movie’s male lead, and the iconic Scarlett O’Hara plays the female protagonist. Tara is the gorgeous plantation home from the movie.

“Thirty years ago, we were high school sweethearts. I was his Scarlett in a white prom dress with crinolines and he was my Rhett Butler in white tails. He proposed on Valentines Day in the want ads of the Toronto Star promising that Tara would soon be ours. A foolish argument coupled with immaturity and failure to communicate, left us going our separate ways.

One rainy Sunday in June, Michael was helping his mom plant flowers when they spontaneously began to talk about my mother. It was 4 p.m. and getting late so he left to go home. Three days later he was at my mother's funeral paying his respects to myself, daughters and dad. My mom had passed away at 4:05 p.m. on the previous Sunday.

It was a difficult time for me as my father and aunt both passed away in the next few weeks. Michael called a mutual friend from the past and asked if he could help. My friend told him that my daughters and I were healing. He only asked if she could tell him when he could call.

Over the next several months, cards and flowers would appear on the difficult anniversary dates signed with "C.R.B."

I finally met Michael for coffee and my life began to fill with sunshine again. We talked about youth being wasted on the young and how foolish we had once been. The life lessons we had learned over the many years made our love grow strong.

There have been bumps along the way, but wiser heads have prevailed and we have grown. Michael proposed on New Year's Eve over looking Niagara Falls with fireworks in the air. I said YES!

(P.S. C.R.B. stood for Captain Rhett Butler.)”