Hairstyles for Men

Women worry about their hair for the big day, why not men too?

Hairstyle tips for Men

Subtlety with a touch of flair is the way to go for weddings, says Joe Gagliano, owner of Wavecrew Hair Gallery, who gives us his expert hairstyle tips for the big day.  

... On Preparing for the Wedding
Typically grooms (and groomsmen) should get a haircut seven to 10 days before the wedding. But a nice clean up around the sides and back should be done just before the actual wedding day.  

To get the right effect when styling, Gagliano recommends combining equal amounts of gel and paste together and massage (like putting on lotion) in hand and style.  

... On Face Shapes
Men with round faces should have volume on top; it can be messy but it should still have a textured look. Men with long faces should pay attention to having bangs with a natural forward movement.  

... On Hair Dyes
Using hair dyes depends on age and what techniques are applied. It’s all goes back to what works for you and how you want to express yourself. “If you want to be taken seriously, don’t go overboard with the colour,” he says.  

... On Grey Hairs
Some men face a tough decision as their big day approaches: “Should I keep my hair grey or dye it black?” Gagliano suggests do both. “You can colour or reverse lowlight by putting the hair dye on only some of the grey; it softens the grey and grows out virtually undetected.”

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