Skincare for Men

Guys, your skincare routine shouldn't be just washing and shaving your face, check out these facial products developed with men in mind.

How does a guy get his skin soft and touchable? Here are some products every guy needs to think about using in his everyday skincare routine.  

Shaving Cream/ Gel
 - The first step for guys is to pick a shaving gel or cream that's best suited for his skin and shaving needs. We recommend: Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel ($3.29)  




Gilette Fusion Gamer RazorRazor - Every guy's needs and comfort levels are different, so choosing a razor might take a few tries before you find one you like. Buying a razor is something you shouldn't skimp out on, unless you want your face to look like it belongs in a horror movie. We recommend: Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor ($12.99)  




Nivea Face WashCleanser - There are different selections depending on your skin type, so if you have sensitive skin make sure you buy a product specially made for you. We recommend: Nivea Face Wash ($)  



Lancome Age Fight Anti Aging Perfecting FluidEye Treatments
 - This is optional, if you find you have a problem with dark circles or puffiness, there are treatments made just for guys. We recommend:
  LANCOME Age Fight Anti Aging Perfecting Fluid ($50.50)




Moisturizing GelMoisturizer - This is a must for your daily skincare routine. It takes less than a minute, but it's well worth the time - relax no one has to know. We recommend: LANCOME Hydrix Micro Nutrient Moisturizing Gel ($42.50)




Lancome Renergy 3D LiftingLifting/ Firming Cream - This is optional, let's face it not everyone needs a lift, but for those of you who aren't blessed with good genes or have indulged in a not so healthy lifestyle, you might want to make this a part of your everyday routine. We recommend: LANCOME Renergy 3D Lifting, Anti Wrinkle, Firming Cream ($75.50) 




What ever your skincare routine is remember that a girl notices the extra effort you put into yourself, so spending five minutes a day will definitely pay off.