Male Invasion

The man of your dreams is moving in with you, now your world will be perfect -right?

When Your Boyfriend moves in with youA humorous counterattack on the Female Invasion article, launched last month. Here’s the female aspect of possible “pin that bursts the bubble” scenarios that could happen when he moves in with her.

The Trail of Him
The pin – Once there was a time when everything was in its place, now that he has arrived, there’s a trail left everywhere he has been. 

The bubble – It’s easy to keep track of what he has been doing and where he is - just follow the trail.

The pin – Now that he lives with you, dining out, seeing a movie or going to a café have become rare occurrences.

The bubble – You never knew he could cook. It’s hilarious to be the one person audience for his cooking show, as he creates his favourite recipe.

Bathroom Sanctuary
The pin – The bathroom is his kingdom. Besides the fact he stinks it up, he also reads in there, talks on the phone, clip’s his toe nails, shaves and leaves hair in the sink and the worst of all uses your toothbrush because he can’t find his.

The bubble – His saving grace, you have someone to run a bubble bath for you when you’ve had a long day and pamper you with a back rub.

Selective Hearing
The pin - If you didn’t know better, you’d think he had a hearing problem because everything you say, you have to repeat multiple times.

The bubble – He rarely remembers anything either, so when you’re in a bad mood he forgives you quickly.

Boar in the Bedroom
The pin – He hogs the covers, makes noises like a wild pig and on occasion can “rip” one.

The bubble – He tells you you’re now on “farting terms” because he loves you, which means he can be himself.  And what can you say to that!

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