Things You'll Regret Saying to Your Girl

A wise man once said, "A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything you say after that is the start of a new argument."

The following statements are sure ways to get into an argument with your girl no matter when you say them. Some are from experience, some are meant as a warning, some are just funny to hear but they’re all meant for fun.

Note: No eardrums were injured during the writing process of this article. However, some “man-cards” have been taken away due to extreme apologies.

1. When your girlfriend is fetching for a compliment and she says, “A lot of guys think I’m pretty but no one ever tries to pick me up.” Then, without thinking, you promptly answer innocently, “Do you know what I think it is…?”

2. Your girlfriend asks you, “Am I gaining weight?” Again, you answer innocently and without thought, “Yeah, I noticed it around your thighs.”

3. When she tries to say a fact about cars, sports, and tools, you say, “Aw! You are so cute when you say something stupid.”

4. In a heated argument, you’re losing the battle… you’re running out of rebuttals and you have one last thing to throw at her. You reach down into your bag of dirty tricks and you pull out…”Your favourite jeans look ridiculous on you!” Every girl will react differently to this, all of which are not good for you.

5. Although you imply nothing negative in the following statement, you will always turn out to be the bad guy and henceforth, inevitable and cliché consequences will come for days! Fellas, watch out for this one…”This is a big meal, do you want to split it? Ill have the steak and mash and you can have the salad.”

6. “Why don’t you learn to cook?” We’ll let your tongue and stomach decide if you regret saying this one.

7. “Why don’t you learn to cook…well?” We’ll let your ears decide if you regret saying this one.

8. After a long look at her face, you ask, “Did you do your own eyebrows?”  Not only will this be the last time you’ll see her eyebrows normal again, you’ll have to deal with her insecurities for the next couple of days.

9. “For tonight, can you dress like your best friend?” Believe it or not, I’ve heard someone say this to a girlfriend before. Honestly, do you think she’ll even entertain your request? No! So why even ask! This young buck did and now his ex-girlfriend dresses like her best friend but he can’t have her anymore.

10.  Getting ready for bed and you both are done cleaning yourselves up. You look at her and say, “Wow! You look really tired without makeup!” Do we really need to explain what’s going to happen?

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