Take the Cake

Everyone has a favourite wedding cake; here are some
of’s staff favourites below.


The wedding cake is one tradition most bridal couples still indulge in.

Yes, over the years cake has been challenged by other decadent little delights. Cupcakes are one of the biggest contenders trying to knock wedding cakes off the dessert pedestal.

But wedding cakes, with their striking tiers and dramatic presence, still tower over their competition claiming sweet victory as the number one wedding dessert of choice.

Today, the selection of cake choices for your wedding day is as vast as your imagination. 

You can choose traditional flavours like chocolate or vanilla or be more adventurous with a lemon-raspberry or ginger-orange cake. For those couples that can’t decide, why not make each tier a different flavour?

 Cakes featured in this article:
1. Carlos Bakery                 7. Carlos Bakery 
2. Flour Fancies                  8. Flour Confections
3. Let Them Eat Cakes       9. Cause For Celebration
4. Cause for Celebration   10. Carlos Bakery
5. Cake Star                      11. Caketress
6. Let Them Eat Cakes     12. Cake star