Best Facial Cleansers for your skin

Cleansers that put your best face forward

Five Steps to Great Skin All Year RoundThe Best Cleansers should clean your skin without drying it out. A good cleanser should also have an exceptional formula for different skin types.  The formula should be fragrance free and gentle, yet effective at removing make-up, dirt, oil and perspiration.

Bar soaps are not recommended as they are drying and the formula used to create a bar soap can clog pores. Medicated or anti acne cleansers are not recommended because they’re too harsh and drying on the skin; secondly the topical ingredients are rinsed off with water making them a waste of money.

Oily Skin
If you have oily to combination skin we recommended that you use a water soluble face cleanser.

- Clean and Clear – Daily Pore Cleanser – Oil Free Cleanser– 148 ml - $13

- M.A.C. – Lightful Cleanser – Creamy Mousse – 100 ml - $29

- DDF – Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula – Blemish Foaming Cleanser – 200 ml - $33

Combination Skin
If you have combination skin, it’s we recommend you use a gel-based or mildly foaming cleanser. Don’t use soap as its drying and clogs the pores.

- Alpha Hydrox – Foaming Face Wash – 177 ml - $11

- Eucerin – Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser – 200 ml - $12.50

- Biotherm – Biosensitive Softening Water Cleansing Foam – 150 ml - $28

Dry to Very Dry Skin
If you have dry to very dry skin we recommended you use a water soluble or emollient face cleanser.

- Phisoderm – Deep Cream Cleansing Cleanser for Normal to Dry skin – 177 ml - $28

- Clinique - Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild for Very Dry skin – 200 ml - $20

- Estee Lauder – Verite Light Lotion Cleansing Gel – 200 ml - $33.50

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