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Bar Essentials

Throw a perfect party every time with these bar essentials.

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Basic gadgets: The essential items you need to make basic cocktails
Bottle opener
Can opener
Cork screw
A long stirring spoon or fancy stirring rod

Top it off: What to put your drinks in

12 red wine glasses
12 white wine glasses
12 highball glasses
12 old fashioned glasses
12 champagne flutes
8 shot glasses

Make the drinks: Everything you need for perfectly mixed, stirred and blended drinks
Strainer (to clean and wash fruits)
Martini shaker
Juice squeezer
Blender Ice crusher
Small bowls for rimming with sugar and salt
Ice cream scooper

Keep it together: The little details
Bottle sealers
Glass or ceramic coasters
Glass swizzle sticks for decoration
Large ice bucket for beers, coolers etc.
Ice scooper
Bottle covers

Just a side note: Keep your liquor cabinet stocked so your new tools can go to good use. Before your next party have these liquors and mixers on hand. Also make sure to have those special extras – limes, lemons, grenadine, cherries, mints, olives and little umbrellas.

Tequila (have both white and yellow)
Rum (have both sweet/spiced and dark)
Red Wine & White Wine
A classic Canadian beer

Sodas and tonic
Clamato juice / tomato juice
Juices: cranberry, orange, pineapple, grapefruit
Mock-tail ingredients

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