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Kate Hudson talks about being engaged and in-love with Matt Bellamy and her new movie Something Borrowed.

Kate Hudson, stars as Darcy in the new upcoming film, "Something Borrowed."  Based on the book written by Emily Giffin, our Aries girl was Hilary Swank and Molly Smith's first choice, to play the lead character role.  By her side, is Ginnifer Goodwin as her BFF Rachel turned frenemy, when she hooks up with her fiancee Dex. Oh the drama!

In a new interview, Kate Hudson says: "There were two of Emily Giffin's books that (producers) Hilary Swank and Molly Smith acquired the rights to called 'Something Borrowed' and 'Something Blue,' and came to me with the idea of playing the character of Darcy," Hudson recalled in a recent interview. "When I read them, I loved where the character went: I never played someone who was so deeply selfish and completely all about herself without ever thinking about the consequences." What about Kate Hudson's love relationships in real life?

Kate Hudson,  six months pregnant with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy baby, is happily engaged to be married. The former wife of Black Crowes lead singer, Chris Robinson, says she's matured over the years.  Kate now believes that : "Respect, honesty, partnership - like real partnership, compromise, all that great stuff,  is the type of love that lasts." In fact, she says she's not looking for the same kind of "crazy love" when she was younger.

Born under the sign of Aries, Kate Hudson is a passionate chick who knows what she wants. Sexy, funny and independent she doesn't need a man to be happy. Her boyfriend and future husband, Matt Bellamy, is a crazy cool Gemini.  Incredibly charming and smart, Matt has captured Kate Hudson's heart and soul. A smooth talker, he knows how to calm down Kate's fiery temper. Will the marriage last?

Astrologically, the couple represent yin and yang, they have a harmonius.  Matt Bellamy keeps their relationship interesting and fun. Kate keeps the fire burning, with her passionate side. No dull moments for these two. In fact, Kate Hudson admits having a child has changed her views on love. She said: "I think you understand what real unconditional love is. Relationships take work, where as loving your children doesn't. It becomes your big love and I've found relationships after having a child changed my focus on the kind of love I was looking for.

Astrochicks gives Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy's upcoming wedding and marriage two cosmic thumbs up. They both are committed to making love last and are cosmic soulmates. Wishing the couple lots of love and happiness. Don't forget to check out her new chick flick, Something Borrowed. A must see!



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Something Borrowed is in theatres May 6, 2021

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