What Season Are Your Colours?

A seasonal colour system will help you pick colours to flatter your skin tone.

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Even though we all have different skin tones, we all belong to one of the following chromo types: winter, spring, summer or autumn. To determine your skin tone, look at the inside of your forearm. If your skin reflects a warm tone (yellow hue), you're a spring or autumn. If your skin reflects a cool tone (blue or pink hue), you're winter or summer.

This is a general guide and you may find that some skin tones overlap with other seasons; for example, a spring chromo may suit some fall colours or a winter chromo may suit some summer colours, but in most cases one chromo type will suit you best. Finding the one that's best for you, will help you pick clothes, make-up and even hair colours to enhance your best features.See guide below.

Know what season you belong to? Find Your Ideal Colour to wear 

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