Top 10 Signs He's a Tiger

Ladies: Warning Signs Your Man is a Tiger
10. Says he’s going to play 18 holes at 10 p.m.

9. Every time he asks you for a favour he ends with: “You gotta do this for me. Huge.”

8. He strategically places the kids around him in bed to get a better night sleep.

7. He starts to hide clubs, bats, casting iron or anything that can potentially break his face.

6. He pads the tree in the front yard.

5. You find a recent photo of him topless and gangsterish on Facebook.

4. You notice the contacts in his phone are listed as cities instead of names.

3. During sex, he calls you your home city instead of your name.

2. He’s working on his book, “How to Take Home Cheap Cocktail Waitresses for Dummies.”

1. He left you to become part of the Na’vi Tribe.

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