Karene & Oren A baseball game initiated their introduction; summer afternoons sparked casual conversations, but it was a virus that ignited true love.

Wedding Date: August 27, 2021
Photography: Raphael Ohayon

Event Planner: Karene Benabou

As Karene and Oren tell their tale of how their love affair began, you can’t help feeling uplifted to hear how these two met. In 2003, Karene and Oren had friends playing on the same softball team and they both attended every game that summer. According to Karene, they would notice one another and they were “cordial to each other and nothing more.”

It took a whole summer for them to get to the next level. Out of all the things in the world that could fix the stagnant relationship, it was a computer virus that broke the ice. She had mentioned to Oren that she needed help with the virus and he came over the next day. They haven’t left each other’s side ever since.

The Wedding
“It was everything and more,” Karene describes.  The decorations were beautiful and the violinist set the perfect mood for the ceremony. More than 300 guests attended and danced throughout the night.

“The whole day was amazing for me, but the moment that sticks out most for me, was when he walked through my mothers front door and saw me for the first time.”

Words of Advice
“On the day of the wedding put other people in charge of anything and everything. Give your cell phone to a friend and don’t forget to make yourselves a little something to eat. Most importantly, enjoy every moment.”