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G-Spot: The Ultimate Personal Shaver

It's the essential shaving kit for couples.

The Good
This unisex shaver can be used by you or your new bride.  The powerful trimmer mows down even the coarsest of hairs, while the ultra smooth finisher gives you the closest shave.

There’s no lather, lotion or cream to apply or rinse, just a little powder.

The Bad
The Ultimate Personal Shaver only cuts the hair, but won’t nick or scratch the skin. Whereas waxing last longer, but can leave the skin irritated. 

The Bare Essentials
The Ultimate Personal Shaver is great for all skin types and can be used on any part of the body. The shaver also has a one year warranty.

Each kit includes:  trimming shaver, finishing shaver, shave talc, application brush, six shaving stencils, cleaning brush, instructions and storage case. The kit is sold at various Aren’t We Naughty locations.

Purchase the Ultimate Personal Shaver here.

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