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An alarm clock that gives you energy in the morning...is it a dream or a dream-come-true?

If you’re like me, often times, after the alarm clock ‘wakes’ you up, your eyes are open and you’re moving in a seemingly drone-like state; half-awake and sluggish, struggling to keep at least one eyelid open. Is it possible there is an alarm clock that actually wakes you up with the energy you need to start the day?

Believe it or not, a company claims to have just that! SLEEPTRACKER is an alarm clock that wakes you up in a light stage of sleep. As a result, you start your mornings refreshed, revitalized and energized.

For the not-a-morning-person type, such as me, we are left with skepticism. Our RingBearer team got the SLEEPTRACKER PRO and tested it for two weeks to see if this gadget really works.

How it works
You wear the alarm clock around your wrists like a watch. With a built-in accelerometer, it tracks movements during periods of sleep. The alarm goes off when the watch knows that you are in your almost awake stage; you arrange a window time in which the watch can detect when to wake you (ie 15 minutes is your window time which means that if your alarm was set at 7am, it will ring between 6:45am and 7:15am).

Our team found the first few mornings, the alarm didn't wake us up; we didn't hear the alarm. On the fourth morning, the alarm woke us up but it was as if I were woken up by a regular alarm clock. By the fifth morning, the alarm did its job. Waking up feeling energized, ready to start my day feeling refreshed. Our doubts were erased.

Uploading Sleep Data
The watch uses a clip with prongs that attaches itself on the watch through a USB cable connection; the transfer is only a few seconds. The data collected surprised us. I found out the frequency of movement we had in our sleep. For example, I have an average sleep time of 12 minutes before moving or waking; the average is 20 to 30 minutes. Suffice to say, I wasn’t sleeping well. As the days passed by that I used SLEEPTRACKER PRO, I started to notice a correlation between longer sleep cycles and energy for the day.

What we didn’t like…
One of the biggest downfalls to the SLEEPTRACKER PRO is its bulky design; albeit the watch is still comfortable to wear.

The alarm and vibrate feature is a little weak. As mentioned, It went unnoticed the first couple of mornings. If you are the individual who puts his arms under a pillow to sleep, you won’t hear or feel the vibration.

Another missed feature is that if you miss a day in which you are unable to upload your sleep data, the data is lost because it records the previous day’s data only. A little memory in the watch that could possibly record data up to four days would be great.

Finally, the software data doesn’t have a save feature in which you can transfer data from your laptop to your desktop. For the travelling business person, a laptop would be used to upload sleep data while away from home. I found myself having two separate data in two different computers.

The Skinny
Priced at $186.50, this is a gadget that would absolutely change people’s lives.  Surely, there are some features I wish they added including streamlining the unit, but this alarm clock claimed it would wake me up energized, and it has delivered on that promise. To conclude, this is an alarm clock that doesn't cut your dreams short, but wakes you up feeling like you're still in one.

Purchase your own SLEEPTRACKER PRO!

 - Customized wake-up time
 - Tracks sleep data
 - Recods almost-awake moments
 - Downloadable via USB
 - Multiple alarm options
 - Night Glow feature
 - Water-resistant
 - One-year warranty

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