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G-Spot: The Stuff Great Shaves are Made Of

Products that can help you get that refreshing feeling after a good shave

AMBROSIA shaving cream 
This shaving cream is a gentle and lightweight lotion that contains linseed gel and cocoa butter. The ingredients help soften any bristles allowing for a closer shave. To soothe and reduce redness, LUSH has blended antiseptic honey with calming and moisturizing oat milk, humectant glycerine and cold pressed organic jojoba oil for its very fine texture that resembles the skin's own natural oils. There is also calming chamomile which is anti-inflammatory and eases puffiness; perfect for sensitive faces and great for women as well. 

$9.95 for 3.3 oz
$16.95 for 8.4 oz

The triple orange bit comes from the mandarin and orange essential oils and orange flower absolute which make up its fragrance and also tone your skin while you shave. Prince is made with a fabulously soothing base of rose water and, almond oil with linseed mucilage, cocoa butter and glycerine to soften stubble so it bows down and offers no resistance to your razor's progress, and leaves your skin naturally glowing and feeling like royalty. 

$12.95 for 3.5 oz
$20.95 for 7.0 oz

RAZORANTIUM shaving cream   
Moisturizing and healing ingredients like jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax fill up this mighty black pot of shaving power to soothe the skin. It's perfect for men with tough stubble and their partners who will likely find a good use for it too.  For best results apply to shaving srea and let sit for a few minutes to allow Razorantium to soften your stubble for a closer shave.

$11.50 for 3.5 oz/$20.95 for 7.0 oz

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