Tressa & Dell

My name is Tressa and my fiancé’s name is Dell. We are high school sweethearts and have been together for nine and a half years. We met many years ago at a friend’s party when we were very young. The night we met, a mutual friend introduced us and we talked at the party for hours. We ended the night with a kiss (or two!) and went on our separate ways. The next weekend, I had come down with a bad cold so my mom took me to the doctor.

We are from a small town of 1500 people so on a weekend the only option was to go and sit in the emergency room and wait for the doctor. When we got to the waiting room I was very surprised to find out that Dell and his mom were the only two other people there. As it turns out, Dell was sick with a cold very similar to mine! Our mom’s graduated high school together and have known each other for years so they chatted away in the waiting room while Dell and I did everything we could to avoid eye contact with each other. About a week after the doctor visit, Dell sent me an e-mail (this was long before Facebook and even before MSN existed!). We then started e-mailing each other multiple times a day, using our excruciatingly slow dial-up internet. I remember going downstairs to our computer ten times a day just to see if Dell had sent me another e-mail.

After about two weeks of constant e-mailing I finally worked up the nerve to call Dell for the first time. We would talk on the phone for hours a night, until one of our parents would make us hang up. Not long after that first phone call, our school held a dance where Dell asked me to be his girlfriend while we were slow dancing. We’ve been together ever since – so long, that our friends tell us that they won’t believe in love if we don’t end up together! We were recently on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when Dell surprised me with the most romantic proposal I could have imagined. We will be getting married in our hometown at my parents’ farm with all of our friends and family there with us. I am a university student finishing my master’s degree this year so we have planned the wedding for the summer of 2013. We are both so happy and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!