Tinisha & Jonathan

Jonathan and I met while we were working at a pharmaceutical company about 10 years ago. We remained friends for years, lost touch ever so often but always reconnected like it was yesterday. The summer of 2010 we started to hang out a lot more and after I took a month long trip to Italy we knew we didn’t want to be without each other.

What’s great about our love is that I honestly feel like I’m marrying my best friend because we had so many years to get to know each other just as friends. New York is one of our favourite cities and I found out later that it was SUPPOSED to be our proposal spot until I changed the plans and booked a trip to Bahamas instead. So on October 16, Jonathan took me down to Lakeshore and popped the question. Very unexpected so I was really miserable that day. In my defence it was hailing and I was cold so needless to say I was very upset to be walking in the rain but it all change when he went down on one knee. I promise I’m not always a jerk:).

I am so excited to be marrying this man. The Kleinfeld experience would be the icing on the cake.