Katelyn & Akhil

December 28th, 2011: It started off as any of our other vacations did; hanging out in the lounge with a cappuccino in hand. As we were boarding our flight headed to Punta Cana, Akhil had asked if it was okay if we took a walk before dinner once we arrived. So, after we were checked in and luggage was unpacked, we headed to the beach. We arrived later then anticipated, so the sun had set but the sky was full of glowing stars. Akhil stopped and said, "I got you once last Christmas gift..." and handed me a black box. Inside was a Christmas ornament. As I mentioned, it was dark and I failed to notice what the ornament said. I quickly opened the box, took a quick look, shut it and said "that’s cute". Akhil then got down on one knee and said "Katelyn, you are the love of my life, will you marry me?". To that I responded "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. YES!". After we returned to the room, I took a closer look at the ornament and realized that it was two teddy bears, one down on one knee with a diamond ring saying Katelyn, will you marry me?

Heading to dinner, Akhil had said that he had figured out a way to tell our other four friends that we were traveling with. Akhil had champagne flutes customized saying She Said Yes, Katelyn and Akhil. We arranged for the waiter to wrap a napkin around the writing so that it was not as obvious. The cork was popped, we toasted to vacation and had a sip. Akhil then looked at the champagne flute and questioned why there was a napkin tied around it. Upon his comment, we all unwrapped the flutes and the secret was out, We're Engaged!

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