101 Things to do with your Sweetie: 40-59

40. Send an old fashioned love note … in the mail
41. Rub her/his feet
42. Grocery shop together
43. Have a spaghetti dinner inspired by Lady and The Tramp
44. Learn to say a sweet thing in another language
45. Send a sexy picture message
46. Watch the sunset
47. Go roller skating
48. Look through a baby names book
49. Send flowers for no reason
50. Always go to bed happy
51. Go to a petting zoo
52. Win her/him something at a carnival (okay, or just buy it)
53. Go camping, just the two of you
54. Write “I love you” in the steam on the bathroom mirror
55. Go whale watching
56. Plan a hot air balloon ride
57. Rent a movie, make popcorn and have the fireplace going
58. Clean the dishes together
59. Drink champagne in bed