G-Spot: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS Anniversary Edition

A classic … reborn.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS Anniversary Edition

Loosely styled after the 1969 Camaro, the 2010 Camaro boasts aggressive lines and stance. Its sleek design has a bit of a Cadillac CTS, Corvette and YF-22 Fighter Jet.  

The prominent front hood and the flared fenders hint at the engine’s 304 horsepower; it look also caught the attention of Michael Bay, who casted the 2010 Camaro as Bumblebee in the blockbuster movie Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen.  

But the Camaro’s rugged good looks come with a price; the increased height of the side panels and the lowered roof height cause a large blind spot for the driver. At highway speeds, there is this annoying wind sound eminating from the driver's side window.  


Centre Console Mounted GaugesFeatures
The cockpit-style seating makes it cozy and comfortable. The rest of the interior pays homage to the 1969 Camaro with its retro-style squircle gauges. The dashboard has a large digital speedometer, but the size of the numbers could have filled out the digital display even more.  

The centre console houses the rest of the gauges, which again pays homage to the 1969 Camaro; a feature that’s a bit redundant. This could have been a great spot to update the technology by replacing the gauges with an MP3 dock.

The 2010 Camaro is a muscle car and most muscle car are gas guzzlers. Chevrolet has rethought its fuel efficiency by integrating a fuel management system showing a bit of improvement from its predecessors with 6.9 L/100km highway and 11.4 L/100km city driving.  

The Camaro we tested was automatic but still delivers that aggressive growl when accelerating for this 3.6L SIDI V6 WT engine that generates 304 horsepower. The Camaro is also available in V8 and 6-speed manual transmission with V8 pushing an impressive 400 horsepower.

Power Test
The automatic we tested had great cruising power and plenty of torque. However, off-the-line it was a little sluggish. It lacked instant power initially, but once you hit about 5-10 km/h you can feel the power of the engine kick-in. At cruising speed, the Camaro is solid and smooth - little to complain about here. You can easily accelerate from 100 km/h to 150 km/h with relative ease. 

Our Tests:
0-60 km/h in 4.2 seconds
0-60 MPH in 6.1 seconds

*Note: You hear a weird whistling noise when you hit speeds of 100 km/h from the driver side window.   

The standard price for the 2010 Camaro 2LT Coupe Anniversary Edition is roughly $32,000 (CAN), an attainable price for some Camaro enthusiasts.  


Other Specs
- 6-speed manual transmission
- 4 wheel antilock disc brakes
- Side head curtain airbags
- Front seat side airbags
- 19” aluminum wheels
- Boston Acoustics audio system with 245 W amplifier
- Leather wrapped steering wheel
- Leather appointed heated front sport bucket seats



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